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Whether you're an analytical chemist in a pharmaceutical lab or a service engineer in an automotive shop, you can expect world-class customer service from Tovatech.

Our friendly sales team is staffed exclusively by chemists and engineers whose goal is to make your job easier by supplying you with the right equipment for your work. We respond quickly, we take the time to discuss your technical problems, and we help you identify the products that will best meet your needs.

Elmasonic Ultrasonic Cleaner | Ultrasonic Cleaning
Elmasonic Ultrasonic Cleaners

Optimum ultrasonic cleaning, ultimate convenience. Designed to make work easy.

KERN Digital and Precision Scales
Kern digital scales: 160 years of German quality

Accurate, reliable, easy, economical and in stock.

Norlake Refrigerator, Freezers

Undercounter, Environmental Chambers and Incubators

HPLC liquid flow meter
HPLC Liquid Flow Meter

Accurate, durable, traceable. A liquid flow meter for HPLC calibration and validation.

Kern moisture analyzer
Kern Moisture Analyzer

Accurate and reliable at the best price with fast delivery.

UV Vis Spectrophotometers, for chemistry, analytical and testing labs
Cecil UV/Vis Spectrophotometers

Basic to the most advanced. Exceptional stability, reliability, and sensitivity.

Ion Chromatography Equipment
IonQuest Ion Chromatography

Versatile and troublefree. Ultra-low drift and high sensitivity.

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Adept Series HPLC

Industry leader in pulse-free pumping and detector performance.

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  • Understanding the 3 Rs + L of an Analytical Balance

    Selecting the correct analytical balance for precise weighing is not an easy task.  We’ve covered several key points in previous posts but it’s always a good idea to provide a refresher course – especially as it relates to terminology that is sometimes confusing yet important.  In this case it’s the 3 Rs: readout, repeatability and

  • A Belt and Suspenders Approach to Safe Vaccine Storage

    Financial loss and general inconvenience are among the costs incurred when vaccine storage refrigeration equipment fails to maintain correct storage temperature.  A recent report on the topic noted that some $60,000 worth of vaccines for children were spoiled due to a temperature excursion that was not discovered until three months after the event.   Substantial effort

  • Understanding Traceable Calibration

    Tovatech’s FlowCal 5000 HPLC liquid flow meters are shipped with traceable calibration documentation attesting that the equipment accurately displays a flow rate of 1.0 milliliters per minute along with other flow rates from 0.05 to 25.00 ml/min as requested by the customer, all within ±1% of the actual flow rate.  The purpose of these flowmeters

  • Moisture Content Measurement: Where’s the Water?

    We’ve discussed the importance of moisture content measurement or moisture analysis in a number of our posts.  Moisture content usually relates to meeting specified criteria as to the percentage of water or other liquids in products.  Processing equipment such as a drying oven is frequently used on a commercial scale to reach moisture targets.  Lab

  • Selecting Refrigerators for the Chromatography Lab

    Liquid chromatography analysis conducted at low temperatures requires a scientific refrigerator specifically designed for the job.  A correctly designed chromatography refrigerator provides researchers with the ability to visually monitor the contents and control conditions within the unit without opening the unit’s door – or doors as the case may be. It also provides flexibility such

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