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Whether you're an analytical chemist in a pharmaceutical lab or a service engineer in an automotive shop, you can expect world-class customer service from Tovatech.

Our friendly sales team is staffed exclusively by chemists and engineers whose goal is to make your job easier by supplying you with the right equipment for your work. We respond quickly, we take the time to discuss your technical problems, and we help you identify the products that will best meet your needs.

Elmasonic Ultrasonic Cleaner | Ultrasonic Cleaning
Elmasonic Ultrasonic Cleaners

Optimum ultrasonic cleaning, ultimate convenience. Designed to make work easy.

KERN Digital and Precision Scales
Kern digital scales: 160 years of German quality

Accurate, reliable, easy, economical and in stock.

Norlake Refrigerator, Freezers

Undercounter, Environmental Chambers and Incubators

HPLC liquid flow meter
HPLC Liquid Flow Meter

Accurate, durable, traceable. A liquid flow meter for HPLC calibration and validation.

Kern moisture analyzer
Kern Moisture Analyzer

Accurate and reliable at the best price with fast delivery.

UV Vis Spectrophotometers, for chemistry, analytical and testing labs
Cecil UV/Vis Spectrophotometers

Basic to the most advanced. Exceptional stability, reliability, and sensitivity.

Ion Chromatography Equipment
IonQuest Ion Chromatography

Versatile and troublefree. Ultra-low drift and high sensitivity.

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Adept Series HPLC

Industry leader in pulse-free pumping and detector performance.

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  • Specifying Remote Display Crane Scales to 16 Tons Capacity

    Heavy weighing using crane scales in assembly bays, on loading docks and other poorly illuminated areas is less strenuous when the load weight is displayed on a hand-held integrated radio module.  This is a major feature of the new Kern HFT crane scale line in four weighing capacities to 15,000 kg (16 tons) now available

  • New Scientific Refrigerator Line in Stainless Steel

    A new Norlake scientific refrigerator line with easily maintained stainless steel interiors and exteriors, microprocessor temperature control in selectable Centigrade (2⁰ to 10⁰) or Fahrenheit (35.6⁰ to 50⁰), continuous product temperature display, and capacities of 23, 49 and 70 cubic feet is now available from Tovatech.  A companion scientific freezer series also in 1, 2

  • Moisture Analyzer with Graphic Drying Curve Stores 100 Programs

    Research and quality control labs repeatedly checking moisture content on a variety of products will find the Kern MLS 50-3C moisture analyzer a great time saver. It stores in memory up to 100 drying programs.  Once programmed into the analyzer they can be quickly retrieved by opening the memory list and scrolling to the desired

  • Establishing Ultrasonic Cleaning Cycles

    Many of our posts describing an ultrasonic cleaning process contain a caveat along the lines of “with experience you’ll develop your own routine.”  And that is true because even if you clean similar parts the conditions of those parts may vary from slightly to substantially dirty.  Parts themselves react differently to cavitation action.  You’ll need

  • How to Determine Moisture Content in Black Pepper

    Black pepper (Piper nigrum) has been considered as being the king among the spices* and is the world’s most traded spice.  Together with salt it is found on just about every table in the land.  The quality of black pepper depends a great deal on how it is dried, and according to studies solar tunnel

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