Ultrasonic Cleaning in Dental Tooth Cap Polishing

Polishing and Processing of a Dental Tooth Cap

Polishing and Processing of a Dental Tooth Cap

Ultrasonic cleaners are found regularly in dental healthcare. The College of Dental Science (CDS) in the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) has a post on polishing the surfaces of a dental tooth cap. This polishing is crucial but it requires both special manipulation and equipment. The occlusal surface needs to be processed first. Use a Busch Bud Bur to smooth the grooves. Then BBC polishing compound is used to smooth and polish the occlusal surface with a Robinson bristle brush. Ultrasonic cleaning of the cast tooth cap is then done to remove the BBC polishing compound. Finally, they describe how to polish the axial walls and margins.


For further information visit www3.musc.edu.

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