How to Make Your Own DIY Homemade Ultrasonic Cleaner – Myth or Fact

Will a DIY Ultrasonic Cleaner beat our Kern models?

Will a DIY Ultrasonic Cleaner beat our Kern models?

Our quest for the mythical DIY ultrasonic cleaner continues. In all the discussions we’ve seen on the web this Yahoo Answers post is the closest we’ve seen to  a plausible, realistic approach.  The user seems to have all the right parts: a pair of 55 watt transducers, a 150 watt audio amplifier, and a steel cylindrical tank.  Where he (or she) seems to be stuck is in getting them to generate the required ultrasonic waves. A helpful Yahoo! (is that the term?) pops in and offers multiple suggestions.  The discussion gets a bit technical but it maybe that the user is missing something basic: do those transducers work? Buying them off eBay are fraught with all the dangers of the aftermarket.  Admittedly this is speculation but we’ve seen more than enough instances of eBay ultrasonic cleaner purchases go awry.  We hope the user didn’t get saddled with one of those.

Psst! Stay tuned for more information on a skunkworks project we are woking on for DIYers longing to build their own ultrasonic cleaner.  If you want a heads up, drop your name in the comments, we’ll put your name on our priority notification list.

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