Tips & Ideas for Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaning

An Ultrasonic Cleaner is your Safest Bet for a Super Clean Vinyl Record

An Ultrasonic Cleaner is your Safest Bet for a Super Clean Vinyl Record

If you are younger than thirty, this post is unlikely to appeal to you.  Back in the day, before audio CDs and cassette tapes, there were vinyl records.  Now with digital downloads listening to music on vinyl records is a luxury, reserved for pure aficionados of that medium. If you belong to  that group then you’ll know caring for your records is even more important than ever before.  An ultrasonic cleaner is ideally suited for that.  If you are worried about the cost of the unit, students at Iowa State, have a project exploring low cost ultrasonic cleaners. We’ve also come across a forum where they discuss ultrasonic vinyl record cleaning threadbare.  Finally we also have some tips that you will find helpful.

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