Schematic of a Typical Ultrasonic Cleaner

September 21st, 2011

Schematic of A Typical Ultrasonic Cleaner

Schematic of A Typical Ultrasonic Cleaner

For those on the trail of the DIY Ultrasonic Cleaner this schematic is a good place to start.  At the conceptual level the operation is pretty straight forward. At the core of the unit is the piezo-transducer that generates ultrasonic vibrations.  A power transistor along with its supporting components form a self excited driver for the transducer.The transformer provides drive and feedback. The final output is high frequency acoustic waves. What the explanation does not mention is that in modern ultrasonic cleaners, the frequency of these waves can be varied with functions like sweep and degas. It also warns against running the ultrasonic cleaner on an empty tank which is sound advice unless you have ceramic heating elements like in Tovatech’s industrial ultrasonic cleaners.

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