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Moisture Analysis – A Close-up Look

Moisture Analysis - What You Need to Know

Moisture content is an important quality control criterion across the board and relates to establishing or conforming to specified levels of moisture in a product.  Correct moisture levels are established by government, trade and professional organizations and relate to the percentage of water and other liquids in a product.  Therefore, moisture analysis, can be viewed as first establishing recommended moisture content then checking to confirm that products meet the criterion during and after processing prior to packaging.

All of us experience the impact of incorrect moisture content.  Salt and sugar, for example, absorb moisture from the air and cake up.  Crispy potato chips quickly get gummy on humid picnic days.  Portland cement will turn into a block if left unsealed in the garage.

On the other side, when you buy a product by weight you don’t want to pay for excess water.  If water is intentionally added to a product … Read the rest

Stability Testing for Temperature and Humidity

Stability Testing for Temperature and Humidity

Stability Testing

24 cu. ft. Nor-Lake temperature & humidity test chamber

Stability testing is a critical part of drug and medicinal product development to determine the shelf life of such products under a variety of environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity.  Family prescriptions likely have on their label a recommended “use by” date and notification if special storage conditions should be observed. The regulatory mandate for stability testing in the United States is contained in 21 CFR Part 211 Section 166.

Tests to determine storage requirements and shelf life for drugs and other medicinal products are taken under a variety of imposed and tightly controlled environmental conditions.  Because testing time can be extensive accelerated studies are permitted to support tentative expiration dates provided full shelf life studies are being conducted.


Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber Specs

Stability testing is performed in specially designed test … Read the rest

How to Safely Clean Fine Mesh Sieves

SRH 4/200 sieve holder on drain tray/lid

SRH 4/200 sieve holder on drain tray/lid

Safely cleaning fine mesh sieves means quickly and thoroughly removing trapped particles without damaging or deforming the sieve mesh.   Manual cleaning using brushes to dislodge particles has drawbacks that include potential damage to fine mesh and failure to achieve 100% particle removal.  The problem is solved by combining the Elma SRH 4/200 rotating sieve holder with a 37 kHz 7.5 gallon Elmasonic E 300H or S 300H ultrasonic cleaner*, all available from Tovatech.


Clean Four Sieves Simultaneously

The electrically powered SRH 4/200 module holds up to 4, 200-mm (8 inch) lab sieves clamped in a slightly canted position and rotates them into and out of the ultrasonic cleaning solution. Ultrasonic cavitation produced by the E or S 300H generator-powered transducers creates billions of minute bubbles that implode vigorously against the screen mesh to quickly but safely dislodge trapped particles.  Because the screens … Read the rest

How to Prepare Samples Rapidly and Safely

Use the S150 ultrasonic cleaner for sample prep and cleaning lab ware

Use the S150 ultrasonic cleaner for sample prep and cleaning lab ware

Sample preparation to transform analytes into measurable form can involve complex processes. It is important that the transformation or extraction process avoids chemical degradation that can be caused by excessive heat or mechanically induced damage.

Ultrasonic energy is a proven technique to achieve fast, safe sample preparation.  As an example it is a method often specified in USP monographs to extract active pharmaceutical ingredients from carriers for content uniformity and potency assay tests. The ultrasonic process is also ideal for dissolving, dispersing, emulsifying, homogenizing and mixing.

Sample Preparation Steps

Samples to be analyzed are placed in flasks along with a recommended solvent.  Flasks are partially immersed in a sonicator bath containing a surfactant.   The 37 kHz Elmasonic S150 ultrasonic bath available from Tovatech is especially designed to quickly and safely accomplish sample preparation.  The inside dimensions of the … Read the rest

Environmental Test Chamber Series with Ultrasonic Humidifiers

The 52 cubic foot NSRI522WSW/0H temperature/humidity test chamber

The 52 cubic foot NSRI522WSW/0H temperature/humidity test chamber

A new series of environmental test chambers now available from Tovatech in 4 storage capacities from 24 to 80 cubic feet feature ultrasonic humidifiers producing far smaller water particles than centrifugal humidifiers.  The ultrasonic humidifiers are placed above rather than inside storage cabinets thereby freeing space for additional test specimens.   Dehumidification is handled by a separate latent coil.  Both systems are operated by a programmable logic microprocessor controller.

The ultrasonic humidifiers require water with low mineral content delivered at 10 to 60 psi.  As a means of conserving this water an optional purification system for tap water is available.  Connected to the temperature humidity stability test chamber it continuously recycles used water drawn from the unit’s pluggable interior drain.

The system delivers a humidity variation of ±3% in the humidity controlled temperature range between 10⁰ and 70⁰C.

Precise temperature control at ± … Read the rest

Powerful Lab Sonicator Speeds Sample Prep in Pharma Research

The S50R Lab Sonicator for Sample Prep and Sieve Cleaning

The S50R Lab Sonicator for Sample Prep and Sieve Cleaning

Ultrasonic cavitation is often employed for sample preparation in pharmaceutical labs.  High ultrasonic power density is ideal for these applications because it accomplishes the job quickly.  This minimizes cavitation … Read the rest

Small Scale Nanoparticle Dispersion with an Ultrasonic Horn

Control station for an ultrasonic cup horn

An ultrasonic cup horn
An ultrasonic cup horn

Nanoparticle dispersion is most effectively accomplished using ultrasound, where the power of ultrasonic cavitation is used to break up nanoparticle aggregates suspended in solution.

Ultrasonic horns have been used for small-scale nanoparticle dispersion (such as down to 0.3 ml) but in selecting equipment for the task it may be essential that the horn does not in any way physically contact and potentially contaminate the samples.  To solve this consider a sonicator cup horn such as offered by Tovatech for small-scale nanoparticle dispersion.

The Ultrasonic Horn as a Mini Ultrasonic Bath

Sonifier horns, also called ultrasonic cell disruptors, operate on the same principal as using a benchtop ultrasonic cleaner for larger batch processing.  In this case, however, the bath is replaced by an assembly consisting of an acrylic sleeve that is fitted over a cup horn available in 2 or 3 inch diameters.   The horn is attached … Read the rest

Ultrasonic Bath Temperature Cooling

For many laboratory applications the temperature in the bath needs to be kept constant or must even be cooled down. 

The cooling coil can be easily mounted into any of the Elmasonic S or P ultrasonic cleaner units available from Tovatech. It takes less than 10 seconds to fit it into the tank between the basket and the tank wall. For larger tanks, two or more cooling coils can be combined. The cooling coil is connected to a customer-provided laboratory cryostat or to the tap water system. 

Contact the scientists at Tovatech for recommendations on ultrasonic cleaning equipment and processes.… Read the rest

Rugged Lab Ultrasonic Cleaners with 4 Tank Capacities


The Elmasonic X-tra family of laboratory ultrasonic cleaners from Tovatech is ideally suited for research and development and when additional inspections of technical products and semi-manufactured parts are carried out on a daily basis in industrial laboratories.

These rugged lab ultrasonic cleaners are available with tank capacities of 3, 4.5, 6.5 and 14 liters.


Elmasonic X-tra Features Include 

  • Long service life and extended warranty period of 3 years on the tank due to the special cavitation-proof stainless steel
  • Sweep, for an optimized sound field distribution
  • Powerful, additional transducer elements
  • High heating power for short heating times, safe to run dry
  • Two cleaning levels: power clean or soft clean
  • Splash-water protected operating panel for use under rough conditions

For full details on the Elmasonic X-tra line or other laboratory industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment and processes contact the scientists at Tovatech.… Read the rest

Ultrasonic Sieve Cleaner Module for the Lab

In sieve analysis several sieves are used simultaneously and must be thoroughly cleaned to remove particles before being used for further analysis. The rotating Elma SRH 4-200 sieve cleaning module is ideally suited to pair with the Elma S300 ultrasonic cleaner, both available from Tovatech, and is a great solution to increasing laboratory sieve cleaning throughput.

The sieves are placed into a universal support rack. The baskets rotate during cleaning and the inclination of the sieves ensures that the removed grains fall out of the sieves automatically.

  • Time and cost saving intensive cleaning of up to 4 analyzing 8-inch lab sieves
  • Sieves of different manufacturers can be processed simultaneously
  • Gentle ultrasonic cleaning (as opposed to rough manual cleaning), tension of the tissue and mesh size are not changed; the measuring accuracy remains 100% unaltered. 

Contact the scientists at Tovatech for information on selecting and operating ultrasonic laboratory sieve cleaners as … Read the rest