Water Quality Test Spectrophotometer

AquaQuest, the ideal UV Vis spectrophotometer for your water quality test program
Spectrophotometer, Water Quality Test

AquaQuest spectrophotometer, designed for water quality test methods

  • So easy to use
  • Exceptional optical performance
  • Use any brand test kits
  • Preprogrammed for 150 water test methods
  • Long life, outstanding durability
Dedicated to Water Analysis

The Cecil AquaQuest water quality test spectrophotometer has been specially designed to cover the complete requirements of water analysis spectrophotometers. Both visible range and UV/visible range instruments are offered, each with or without an integral printer for convenient presentation of results, without the extra space required by an external printer.

Fast and Easy to Operate

Choosing a water quality test method complete with the appropriate sample pathlength could not be simpler. It takes only about 15 seconds to select the method and get the instrument set up and ready for measurement. Quick change sample holders each accommodating more than one sample pathlength add to convenience and speed up operation.

Long life

Cecil spectrophotometers are well known for their durability. The lamp is the most expensive consumable part on a spectrophotometer. A Cecil lamp will last for over 3 years, in contrast to a typical spectrophotometer whose lamps need changing multiple times per year. Over the life of the Cecil instrument this can amount to significant cost savings. Cecil takes pride in the lowest instrument maintenance costs in the industry.

Use with Any Brand Test Kit

AquaQuest can be used with any manufacturer’s water quality test kits. Save money by avoiding a spectrophotometer that locks you into expensive consumable contracts.

Exceptional Optical Performance and Stability

Superb performance is the result of the excellent specifications of the AquaQuest. Exceptionally high stability, low stray light, low noise and high wavelength-setting precision ensure that reliable and accurate measurements may be made to 3 Absorbance units.

Versatile Software

Whatever special needs your laboratory may have, the AquaQuest spectrophotometer offers the flexibility, power and performance required. Wavelength scanning, cell programming, batch sampling, wavelength programming, time course plotting and reaction kinetics are all available.

Programmed Methods

All instruments are completely programmed for approximately 150 water quality test methods based on the proven range of Merck 'Spectroquant' test kits. Users may also develop their own methods and calibrations to be stored in security-protected memory for instant recall and use at any time.

Customized Start-Up

Cecil will set up the analyzer so that at start-up it will go immediately to the wavelength of interest. There is no charge for this customization, a real convenience to those who use only one or two methods.

Flexible Sampling

Cecil offers a complete range of sampling accessories. All instruments are fitted as standard with a special dual sample holder designed to accommodate both 10mm rectangular cuvettes and 16mm reaction tubes as supplied with many Merck test kits; no need to change holder when switching between the two. Sample holders take only seconds to change without the use of any tool. More advance sampling options include the sipette system, automatic cell changers, and batch sampling. For a more extensive description of sampling options request a brochure.

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